THIS IS A THING: Boston Red Sox Hepatitis C Home Run Celebration

  • Jake O'Donnell

Mike Napoli hit a ball into next week at the Rodgers Centre Monday night, his 16th of the season and the 17th ever to reach the fifth deck at the stadium.

The fifth deck. Imagine that — nearly out of a ballpark that isn’t even known for being hitter friendly. See that last row? Ya, that’s where he hit a baseball. Crushed.

The home run also put the sox up in the 11th inning, helping them to their second straight extra inning win despite being all but out of the Wild Card race. So how did Napoli’s teammates greet him in the dugout?

With the ol’ “Hepatitis C you later!” home run call. Very funny, kids.

[H/T David Portnoy]