This Is Why You Should Always Give A Foul Ball To A Kid (VIDEO)

  • Rick Chandler

Think you’ve seen it all? We here at SportsGrid have seen things at Major League Baseball games that would turn you inside-out. Mostly they revolve around adults acting like fools to get a baseball — many trampling young kids in the process. But here’s the unwritten rule — baseballs are for the kids. Got it, you louts? If you’re fortunate enough to get a baseball, give it up to someone 14 or younger immediately, if not sooner. That is, unless you can act more grateful, ecstatic and just plain stoked than the kid in the video above, who got gifted at at the Giants-Rockies game in Colorado on Monday.

If you can’t, then give up the ball. And no, you can’t.

You’ll likely get many baseballs in your life, but like true love, cars and a really good hamburger, you never forget your first.