This White Sox Announcer Cannot Contain The Emotions Of Another Loss

  • Eric Goldschein

Chicago White Sox fans watching this game probably had a similar reaction to announcer Kenneth “The Hawk” Harrelson’s. “Please be a home run… oh, it wasn’t, that sucks, I’m mad my team lost.” But most people don’t have that reaction broadcast to the people watching at home. That’s why we give thanks for Mr. Harrelson, who wears his emotions on his sleeve.

As noted by Reggie Nobles of BroBible, there’s nothing wrong with being a homer for the local broadcast. Why pretend like you don’t have a vested emotional interest in the outcome of the game, when most of the people watching feel the same way? But there’s wanting the White Sox to win, and there’s being really, really upset that the White Sox didn’t win. See below:

“Stretch!” is apparently Harrelson’s trademark. But something tells us that “Gad-Dammit!” and “No!” followed by angry, stunned silence is not a part of the usual broadcast vernacular. “Mercy!” at the end there is a nice touch, though.

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