This Woman Is Marrying Someone With A Prank Call Name Bart Simpson Would Approve

  • CJ Fogler

Meet the future Meg McCracken. She’s marrying a gentleman named Phil. Heard that one before?

The Minnesota Twins broadcast team have a longstanding tradition of doing “Circle Me Bert” which involves people attempting to get analyst Bert Blyleven to circle them with the telestrator. During home games, one of those folks also wins $100 in MN State Lottery tickets. Today happened to be Meg’s day because Bert really likes the signs that people put their head into. And during her chat with Robby Incmikoski of FSN, we learn all about her fiancee Phil…

I wish you luck, Meg – introducing your husband to others should provide a lifetime of merriment.

[UPDATED] Robby sent us a picture of Phil’s driver’s license, this is legit folks. Note that we have altered it solely to remove the actual license number only.