Tigers Outfielder Gets Traded In Middle Of Game, Walks Off To Standing Ovation

  • Eric Goldschein

jackson ovationThe Tigers just traded for Rays ace David Price, in an effort to keep pace in the arms race with the Athletics. But the thing about trades is that you have to give up guys in order to get other guys, and for the Tigers that guy is centerfielder Austin Jackson.

The Tigers were in the middle of the 7th inning against the White Sox when the deal happened, but when a player gets traded, he’s got to go. So after some discussion, Jackson was replaced by Rajai Davis, and walked off to a standing ovation. Bye Austin — you’re reportedly headed to Seattle:

Our original video came via WGN in Chicago, where announcers Steve Stone and Tom Paciorek were clearly taken aback by the trade. We kept this clip below long enough for you to hear Paciorek say “They’re not gonna make a deal for a David Price.” BUT THEY WERE, DUDE. Watch: