The New York Mets Will Struggle This Season To Top This Moment

  • Tom Lorenzo

Sure it’s only late-February, but with the way things are going for the New York Mets this offseason, with Jose Reyes gone and David Wright slowly packing his backs for his imminent departure, this moment from spring training might be the highlight of the Mets 2012 season. Courtesy of a little-known relief pitcher and his love for professional wrestling.

In case you haven’t already, meet Tim Byrdak. He’s a journeyman relief pitcher who will turn 39 years old at the end of this season. And while he’s only pitched in 304 career innings, his most memorable moment might exist below, as he showed up to Mets camp in full-on Hulk Hogan gear. Really, all we can say is that this video is, yes, amazin’.

Well-done, sir. You most certainly are a real American, and by far the highlight of what’s been a sour offseason for the Mets.

[via MetsBlog, via SI]