Tim Kurkjian Will Remember Derek Jeter For His Lifelong Refusal To Drink And Drive

  • Jake O'Donnell

Though ESPN edited out a portion of Kurkjian’s funny little anecdote, the end of the clip alludes to “beer,” so it’s easier to understand the gist of what he was trying to say despite missing a key component. The basic idea was that Kurkjian was asked why Derek Jeter — who announced he will retire at the end of the 2014 season — was such a good guy. He cited Derek’s parents, then affirmed the idea that Jeter was, in fact, a really, really good guy. How good? Well, let’s just say he’s better than a lot of people with suspended drivers licenses.

“I once asked Tino Martinez, ‘Tell me something about Derek Jeter I don’t know?’ and he said, ‘If he has one beer, he will not get behind the wheel of a car under any circumstances, meaning if he’s going out with his teammates and he has one beer somebody else is driving.

So Derek Jeter never drinks and drives, huh? Good, um, job, Derek. (NOTE: No one is supposed to drink and drive.) Kurkjian’s sound byte should give you an idea of just how guarded and private Jeter has been his entire life: The biggest, most knowledgable baseball writer in America knows next to nothing about him. Expect the coming season to filled with vague tributes to a player no one ever really got to know…