Tim Lincecum Lookalike Cab Driver Still Says He’s Not Lincecum, Still Wants $1,000,000

  • Glenn Davis

Remember the “cab driver” from yesterday named wither Luis or Luiz, who looks exactly like San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum? (And how we were pretty sure it was Lincecum having some fun with all of us, despite denials from Lincecum himself?) Well, he’s got another video, he still says he’s not Lincecum…and he’d still sure appreciate if Lincecum and/or his teammates could forward a cool million his way.

The interesting thing about this new video to us is his accent sounds a little more…real this time. At the very least, with the last video we would have guessed that if it wasn’t Lincecum (although again, the resemblance was to a point where we just couldn’t bring ourselves to believe it wasn’t actually him), it was some guy who looked freakishly similar pretending to be a Brazilian cab driver. This time around, we could actually buy this guy being Brazilian.

What’s more, the clearer view of Luis/Luiz provided this time convinced Big League Stew’s Kevin Kaduk that it’s actually not Lincecum. We’ll trust that Kaduk is a bit more familiar with Lincecum’s looks than we are, because again, had we watched even this more recent video without context, we’d say, “Ah, that Lincecum, what a jokester!”

Alas, it seems people more well-versed on such matters than we are pretty convinced that Luis/Luiz is not Lincecum after all. If that’s the case, we’ll eat our crow, and also say…man, that is one hell of a lookalike.