“There Is Nothing … More Disturbing Than Social Networking” – Tim McCarver, Most Perfect Old Person Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Give Fox baseball commentator/punching bag Tim McCarver a break on this one. He is pretty old – 70, to be exact. And did you see how much flak he took just for this line on one of those disturbing social networks? Maybe these things really are disturbing for him. And let the record show he was laughing a little as he said it. So maybe he doesn’t actually think social networking is more disturbing than authoritarian dictators and blood diamonds and famine. He still said it, and he’s Tim McCarver, so here you go, and you’re very welcome:

Also, maybe McCarver’s just getting caught up on the whole Anthony Weiner thing. I think I was just about convinced social networking was the most disturbing thing in the world sometime around here.

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