This Tony Bosch-Alex Rodriguez Scandal Has Forever Tainted Gummy Bears

  • Eric Goldschein

Regardless of what happens with this whole Alex Rodriguez-PED story — whether he’s the liar he appears to be or the victim he claims to be — one thing is for sure: Gummy bears are ruined. They are finished. They are OVER.

As we discussed earlier, Biogenesis “doctor” Tony Bosch reportedly administered an incredible drug program to Rodriguez that included creams, melted testosterone and lozenges, the latter of which was referred to as “gummies.” It’s not clear whether these “gummies” — which A-Rod could take just before games without having to worry about drug tests afterwards — were actually gummy candies or just part of the Rodriguez-Bosch vernacular, which included terms like “liquid soup” (not solid soup, of course) and pink food.

So what are we supposed to make of this screengrab from a 2012 Yankees-Red Sox game, captured by reader @MetsKevin11, of Yankees infielder Eduardo Nunez and THIS GUMMY-LOOKING CANDY?!?!:

eduardo nunez dugout gummy

Well, nothing, of course. Gummy bears are a delicious snack enjoyed by millions around the world; Eduardo Nunez has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs (though admittedly these “gummies” help you pass drug tests); there’s no reason to think Bosch gave Nunez any lozenges or that A-Rod would be passing these out to his teammates as he would sticks of (unadulterated) gum; honestly, it’s just a guy eating and/or discussing the merits of candy with Robinson Cano.

But thanks to this whole sad situation, we’ll never be able to look at gummy candy — or lozenges, or sunflower seeds, for that matter — the same way again. Based on Nunez’s apparent fondness for the sweet, we’d say that, at minimum, A-Rod owes this dude an apology. We can get to the 162-game suspension and lawsuit stuff later.

(By the way, Nunez came on to pinch-run for A-Rod, who went 2-3 with two walks, in this game. Probably not the best day to eat a PED-candy anyway.)

[h/t to @MetsKevin11 for passing this along]