Trevor Bauer Is The Diamondbacks’ Top Pitching Prospect And Also An Atrocious Rapper

  • Evan Sporer

You know, what struck me as really odd about this is most professional athletes that try their hand at rapping are generally pretty good. (Okay, fine, most of them actually stink.)

But it just seems like Trevor Bauer is the king of doing weird shit. I mean, this is a guy who take his pregame long toss from foul pole to foul pole! Like, as bad as his rap debut is, it’s equally just really odd. He sounds angry. He also sort of acknowledges that his rhymes are wack, yo:

“Maybe this is corny, but, you should peel your ears and adhere to the next words you’re about to here.”

Listen, he gave us all an out a minute into the song, and I hope for all your sake you take it.

Even the name of this track, “Diamond in the Rough,” hurts to look at. We get it, you pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I think this YouTube comment pretty much sums up my feelings about Trevor Bauer the rapper:

This makes Chet Haze seem like a distinguished poet.

The evidence is below, if you dare.