The 10 Best Twitter Reactions To Chris Berman Calling The Home Run Derby

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s time to play “Who Can Think Of The Best Way To Voice Their Displeasure With Listening To Chris Berman Spout Chris Berman-isms During The Home Run Derby?” It’s an ancient rite of passage for Twitter users everywhere to rip on the ESPN legend, and this year some real beauties were cooked up.

It’s been pretty fashionable to hate on Chris Berman lately — and though I recently defended Mr. Berman, when it comes to the Home Run Derby, a lot of that hate is warranted. He’s repetitive. He’s boring. He makes lame jokes. He states the obvious. The list goes on.

Since the Derby itself was pretty much a yawn here’s what the Twitter-sphere had to say about listening to Boomer:

1. Things got off on the right foot.

2. Getting spiritual.

3. This is accurate.

4. R.I.P.

5. Please like this person.

6. Simple.

7. The G.O.P. was invoked.

8. Gross… but also accurate.

9.George Brett: Hero.

10. This is the best idea ever.

You know how we knew Berman was getting hot on Twitter (ignoring the deluge of anti-Berman Tweets crowding up the feed)? This article about Boomer’s beef with Tony Kornheiser, from well over a year ago, started trending on the site. People are just looking for more reasons to hate the man — and we’ve got it covered. No need to thank us.