UH-OH: John Rocker Going On Survivor With A Gay Couple

  • Jake O'Donnell

Not like a menage a trois — Rocker will be competing against them with his girlfriend, spray tan business owner Julie McGee. Known for hating New York for its eclectic mix of people on the subway, especially “queers with AIDS,” Rocker’s appearance on the show will inevitably be controversial and awkward and no one will watch because Survivor is still on?

Here’s a look at the cast of Survivor: San Juan del Sur

With one of the most obnoxious, insensitive, unfunny Twitter accounts on the social media platform, Rocker has kept himself in the public eye by releasing a book and occasionally saying things like “God hates liberals” and advocating steroid use.

Once again, his girlfriend is a “spray tan business owner.” The irony that an openly racist man is dating a woman who makes people darker for a living is not lost on us.

[Entertainment Weekly] Controversial former baseball relief pitcher John Rocker will be playing along with his girlfriend, spray-tan business owner Julie McGee…The third pair EW can reveal consists of Broadway boyfriends Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield. Kelly has appeared on stage in the ensembles of Wicked and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, where he also played “Debut Spider-Man” and villain Swiss Miss.

The show begins Sunday, September 24 with a 90-minute special, where you can watch Rocker call the people of Nicaragua “Tribesmen,” or “tribes people.” (Seriously, he does that in the video at the top of the page.)