Here Are Two Ways To Show Displeasure With An Umpire: Throw A Batting Helmet And Throw A Beer

  • Eric Goldschein

It ain’t easy being an umpire. No matter what you do, somebody is going to hate you. But even when you make bad calls (as umpires inevitably do), you don’t normally have to put up with getting a spiked batting helmet thrown your way. Or a fan’s beer, for that matter.

As we’ll see in the video, Brett Lawrie thought he got walked not just once, but twice. So on that called third strike — which, to Lawrie’s credit, looks to be a bit high — all the emotions of thinking he’d gotten walked — twice — spilled out, and he reacted rather poorly. And, in case Bill Miller wasn’t feeling hated enough, a Blue Jays fan threw a beer at him afterwards. Here’s a look at the most unpopular authority figure in Toronto at the moment (apologies for the Mets bit at the beginning — because it’s unrelated to the topic, and it’s the Mets):

Lawrie can absolutely expect to miss some games for that outburst, and that fan can expect to not be let back in to the Rogers Centre anytime soon. However, if that fan turns out to be this kid, then we plead leniency for him. He knows not what he does, Toronto security.