VIDEO: Orioles Hit Trio Of Consecutive Dingers, Defy Ridiculous Odds

  • Joe Polito

Home runs — you love them, MLB players love hitting them. But sometimes they just don’t happen. You make the trek down to your local ballpark, haggle the guy scalping tickets down to an affordable number, buy a beer that cost about half the price of the ticket, walk the stairs up to your seat and sit there for nine homer-less, walk-filled innings of 2-1 single ball. A pitchers duel they’ll call it. Well the Orioles said screw that Monday night.

Ain’t that something, something, something? Chris Davis has hit exactly 22 of these in 395 tries this season. J.J. Hardy has eight in 447. Delmon Young? Six in 193. So what are the odds that they hit them back-to-back-to-back? If my math serves me correct, about nine in 250,000. If any mathematicians or people with a better basic knowledge of probabilities wants to correct me, feel free, but I’m 98-percent sure that’s accurate.

Crazy right? Apparently, not that crazy because the Twins did it 22 days ago.

Image via Getty