Vin Scully Isn’t Mad At You, Los Angeles Dodgers — Just Disappointed

  • Eric Goldschein

Like many a Little League dad, Vin Scully isn’t mad at you for screwing up a 3rd inning rundown. He’s not going to shout, he’s not going to curse, and he’s not going to leave you at the field while he drives away angrily, drinking a Miller Lite tall boy and blasting AC/DC, thinking of his own lost youth. He’s just going to tell you how disappointed he is in you.

Don’t you hate that? Isn’t that even worse than being told you suck? Here’s Scully giving it to the Dodgers after Shane Victorino made them look foolish:

It’s not like Scully, a Hall-of-Fame announcer, is being particularly hard on the Dodgers. That’s a play you need to make — or at least execute correctly — every time. We’re looking at you here, James Loney. Again: we’re not mad, James. But thanks to you, “the Dodgers join the long list of distinguished ball clubs that absolutely butcher the rundown play.”

So fellas, when you show up at the ball park tomorrow, put a few minutes aside to practice one of the more basic plays in baseball defense. Unless you want to hear the whole “disappointed” spiel again, and feel like you let your whole family down, and/or make Don Mattingly look like that all the time. Do you want that? Do you?

[Larry Brown Sports]