Vin Scully Thinks 77 Percent Of You Are Idiots

  • Timothy Burke

Longtime Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully is no stranger to new technology. Yet it was a text-message poll during Tuesday night’s Mets-Dodgers matchup that sent him into a rare place for the usually mild-mannered Hall of Fame announcer.

As reported by Larry Brown Sports, the poll question “Should the All-Star Game determine home field advantage for the World Series?” returned a 77% “Yes” vote, moving Scully to lambaste his audience — asking at one point, “Do you REALIZE what you voted for?”:

It was an odd departure for Scully, who usually reserves his editorializing for an annual recognition of D-Day (video from 2010):

Of course, Scully is right — an exhibition game, the results of which hinge heavily upon the vote of Yankee and Red Sox fans, shouldn’t determine who has home field advantage in the World Series. For our own amusement, SportsGrid recommends Dodger fans continue to text in bad answers to televised text polls just to see Scully’s reaction.