Yet Another Reason Vin Scully Is The Best: This Attempt To Translate A Manager’s Profane Tirade

  • Glenn Davis

Vin Scully is always there. In describing his universally-acknowledged greatness, you can start with that. He’s been calling Dodgers games on the radio since the team played in Brooklyn – in a sport so tied up in nostalgia and connections to the past, having a common thread through so much of the game’s history still going strong is invaluable. But it’s not just that Scully is comfort food for your ears – he’s always there, and he’s always good. He’s renowned for not getting in the way of the game – and much as we love certain announcers whose personalities are front and center for every game they call, the exact opposite can be nice too.

And that’s what makes Scully good: he knows when he’s needed and when he’s not. And one time when he’s needed, especially by those listening to him on the radio, is when a manager is losing it. And last night, Rockies manager Jim Tracy lost it when a catch was overturned and ruled a trap. Scully attempted to give his audience an idea of what Tracy was saying, but he couldn’t actually say most of it. The result was a moment that will make even more people love Scully than currently do:

We feel pretty comfortable saying no other announcer could have made more of Tracy’s meltdown (though in fairness to both Tracy and the umps, this was about as close as a trap/catch call can get). Of course, Scully probably could have actually repeated Tracy word for word and still made it sound dignified. And if that wasn’t enough, Scully then took the time to denounce baseball’s aversion to expanding replay (in fairness, MLB actually is expanding replay to include fair/foul and trap/catch reviews). So every time Bud Selig says there’s no appetite for more instant replay, someone needs to remind him of who exactly he’s going against.

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