Vladimir Guerrero’s Ceremonial First Pitch Resulted In A Gruesome Broken Femur For The Catcher

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Yesterday was MLB Opening Day for 2014! It was so great we did a roundup. Vladimir Guerrero, finally retired, even threw out a ceremonial first pitch for the Los Angeles Angels.

Wait, that part was not great. It somehow, strangely, gruesomely, resulted in a broken femur (yeah, your thigh-bone), for the catcher. The catcher was hitting coach Don Baylor.

Guerrero seemed to initially think Baylor was kidding around after catching the pitch and laughing as he ran towards the plate, only to realize once he got there that Baylor was in some serious pain. Guerrero helped him to his feet, but it didn’t take and he needed extra assistance.

Seriously horrible.

Guerrero had just signed a one-day contract to retire as an Angel.

The only question is… did this guy mean to tweet this photo at us, or the SportsGrind?

[Hardball Talk]