Wait, Where Are They Putting That Magic Freeze Spray? Oh Yeah, On The Japanese Catcher’s Nuts

  • Dylan Murphy

The team from Japan just wrapped up the Little League World Series with a 12-2 mercy rule victory in the fifth inning over Goodlettsville, Tennessee to secure the championship. Although Japan cruised the whole way, the win didn’t come without a bit of pain. In the top of the fifth, an unfortunate foul tip caught the Japanese catcher in his nether region, causing him to gingerly amble towards the foul ball as he held his nuts. Good thing that magic soccer freeze spray was on hand!

The whole thing’s a bit creepy, with players crowding around and the coach freeze spraying his catcher’s crotch.

“Hold on there sonny boy, let me just get right in close here. And….SPRAY. Feel better, donchya!?!?” At least the Tennessee team found the whole thing pretty hilarious.

Video via CJ Fogler