Washington State High School Pitcher Has Definite 194-Pitch Limit

  • Rick Chandler

Sorry son, no negotiation. Once you get to 194 pitches, we’re going to have to pull you. You know, to protect your arm.

So Dylan Fosnacht of Rochester High School (southwest Washington, near the Oregon border) pitched 14 shutout innings in his team’s district tournament playoff game on Tuesday, throwing 194 pitches (!). He allowed two baserunners in the 15th, so his coach pulled him and replaced him with the catcher, Dustin Wilson, who threw three innings of shutout relief as Rochester won, 1-0, over La Center High.

Then Wilson started the next game — on the same day — and threw all seven innings of a 5-3 win over Elma High School.

Quote from the winning coach:

“For the experiment to be a success, all of the body parts must be enlarged.”

No, sorry. That’s not him. The real quotes, from Rochester head coach Jerry Striegel:

“We talked to him every inning, and he said he felt comfortable, he felt good, and he’s a little competitor,” Striegel told the Centralia Chronicle. “He didn’t want to come out of the ballgame. He wasn’t very pleased when I took him out in the 15th.”

Striegel told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday that, in hindsight, he kept Fosnacht in the game too long.

“I realize that it was way too many pitches,” Striegel told Big League Stew in a phone interview Thursday morning. “I can understand everybody’s concern about it. And I would tell you too that I am concerned also. I probably would change the decision today.”

David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays was a bit concerned as well:

I realize I wasn’t there, but 194 pitches in high school is insane.