Watch 20 Years Of Pittsburgh Pirates Misery In One Woeful 10 Minutes

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Congratulations, Pittsburgh Pirates! Last night, you clinched (doesn’t sound like the right verb to use here) your 20th consecutive losing season with a 4-3 loss to the Cincinnati Reds, your 83rd this year! And what better way to celebrate two decades of complete futility than with a video montage? Everyone loves a video montage.

Man, oh man. This gives you some real perspective, doesn’t it? That Sid Bream slide heard ’round the world marked the end of above-.500 ball for the Pirates and that was two whole decades ago. Look at all those things that happened since then. Bill Clinton was elected president — twice. The Marlins, created in 1993, won the World Series — twice. The Diamondbacks, created in 1998, won the World Series. Hell, even the Buffalo Bills found some semblance of success since then. (That wasn’t in the video, I just felt like mentioning it.)

It begs the question: Will the Pirates ever finish over .500 again? I know it sounds like a ludicrous question, I mean of course they have to finish over .500 again. And things have been looking up (relatively). Any franchise would be blessed to have a player like Andrew McCutchen. Not to mention of the finest stadiums in baseball, which doesn’t help win games, but it would be nice if they went hand-in-hand.

But it certainly seems as though the Pirates will just continue to lose forever.

Still, Pittsburgh has the Steelers and the Penguins, who have both won championships in the last five years. It’s not all bad, Pittsburgh. At least you’re not Buffalo.

Sorry again, Buffalo.