Watch Adam Greenberg Get His At-Bat, And All Of Marlins Park Give Him A Standing Ovation

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

As scheduled, tonight, Adam Greenberg got his ‘One At-Bat’. Accompanied by Aerosmith’s “Dream On” blaring on the speakers as his walk-up song and all of Marlins Park on its feet, here was Greenberg’s special moment:

It fizzled as quick as it bubbled, but you can’t blame a guy who’s only seen one major-league at-bat for striking out on three pitches against Cy Young hopeful R.A. Dickey. Not even a conventional Cy Young hopeful either — a foe with the most enigmatic pitch in the game. It’s not exactly fodder a guy like Greenberg can use to ease back into the major-league waters.

And the Marlins went on to win this game in dramatic fashion, a 4-3 victory after a walk-off bases-loaded single in the bottom of the 11th. But it was all about Greenberg tonight.