WATCH: Angel Pagan Destroyed A Field Invader, So The Giants Are Totally Winning the World Series Now

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

It’s an even numbered year, so we might as well just cancel the 2016 MLB Playoffs all together, because the San Francisco Giants are probably going to go on one of their improbably runs to the Fall Classic, much like they have in 2010, 2012 and 2014, creating one of the most unusually satisfying dynasties in modern sports history.

Despite their recent struggles, having gone 28-42 since the All-Star break and squandering the National League West to the hated Dodgers, Giants fans remain confident as ever that their magical arithmetic will result in yet another ring, even as their team battles for one of three remaining NL playoff spots with the Mets and Cardinals.

Those clad in orange had their belief when outfielder Angel Pagan did all he could to protect the holy ground of AT&T Field from the greatest baseball fear of all…an idiot on the field!!!

Here’s another angle of the very, very one-sided fight.

This young imbecile, who appears to have sought an autograph from the centerfielder and, by the looks of his shirt, may be a Dodgers fan, may have walking into AT&T Park expecting to see baseball, and, apparently take part in the sports. What he got, however, was pure WWE action, as Pagan launched him into a suplex, much to the delight of the home crowd.

With the ground still rumbling from the epic body slam, sleeping giants…no pun intended…were awoken shortly after. Trailing 3-2 entering the their half of the 6th inning, the Giants exploded for 7 runs in the frame, keeping a hold on the second Wild Card spot in the NL playoff picture with a 9-3 win, currently leading St. Louis by one game. Perhaps horrified by what Pagan would do to them next, Dodgers pitchers walked Pagan twice on the night.

Giants players and media alike recognized the greatness and impact of what they had just witnessed….

It was later revealed the fan/idiot had offered Pagan flowers upon his visit, a peace offering quickly rejected by the outfielder.¬†One thing’s for sure…if the Giants go on yet another improbable run, that object is most certainly finding its way to Cooperstown.

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