Watch Greg Maddux Expertly Prank Kris Bryant

  • Rick Chandler


Red Bull is known for it’s caffeine-infused drinks and motorsports stunts, but not baseball shenanigans. That changed on Monday when they set up an epic prank — dressing Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux as a sound technician to prank the Cubs’ Kris Bryant at UNLV.

Maddux, the pitching coach for the Rebels, where his son, Chase, is a sophomore, was secretly disguised in a wig and a beard to be the sound guy during batting practice. Bryant, the reigning World Series MVP, was told that he would be participating in an instructional hitting video.

Then the BP pitcher made an excuse and said that he had to leave, and Maddux offered to take his place.

“Just don’t hit me,” Bryant said. He still had no idea what was really going on.

WSB-TV Atlanta:

“Last year, I pranked the college team in Arizona,” Bryant said. “This year, the tables are turned.”