Watch Robin Williams Catch A Baseball In The Booth With Billy Crystal At A Mets Game

  • Jake O'Donnell

I’ve never caught a foul ball. Neither has anyone in my family for that matter. It’s a curse — I think at some point way back, one of my ancestors sold their soul to the devil in return for a sack of grain or something, and now anyone with the last name O’Donnell repels errant baseballs like they were oppositely charged.

Robin Williams caught one while in attendance at his second baseball game, ever.

During a Mets-Reds day game in 1989, Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg sat in the commentary booth alongside Tim McCarver, during that era in comedy history known chiefly for the revival of stand-up via their “Comic Relief” charity program. At last night’s Emmy Awards, Crystal remembered his late friend with a moving tribute that started off with the story of this particular Mets’ game, and how Robin Williams created magic everywhere he went.

Watch him react to the foul ball in the character of a Soviet Russian who’s never experienced baseball, below: