WATCH: The Yankees’ George Steinbrenner Press Conference

  • Glenn Davis

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, pitcher Andy Pettitte, and third baseman Alex Rodriguez held a press conference in Anaheim today – where all three will participate in the All-Star Game later tonight – and discussed the death of legendary team owner George Steinbrenner.

Girardi highlighted how Steinbrenner “really cared about people and wanted to change people’s lives,” while Pettitte said “he was always great to me my whole career” and Rodriguez said, “We’re still playing for him.”

It was clear that the three men understandably hadn’t totally absorbed the loss yet, as they often referred to Steinbrenner in the present tense (ex. Rodriguez saying “He’s a man that has more passion than anyone”). Pettitte added that “he was tough, but he was always there to support you also,” and Girardi noted that while expectations were high, Steinbrenner would also create “light moments” during tense situations.

Video of the conference below. George Steinbrenner – often loved, very often hated, always an icon.