WATCH: Tigers Outfielder Makes Dive-tastic Grab, Prevents Bases-Clearing Hit

  • Joe Polito

Catch of the year? Possibly. With Max Scherzer in trouble on the mound, Tigers center fielder Ezequiel Carrera put his body on the line to prevent a three-run triple by Jacoby Ellsbury. Check it out:

Detroit traded Austin Jackson to Seattle on deadline day, but I’m not sure he makes this play. The dedication. The extension. He might have even over-jumped it considering he caught it with the heel of the glove. Bonus points for a bit of whiplash there at the end. Kudos, Mr. Carrera.

This wasn’t just a great catch either. It was a clutch catch. A clatch, if you will. Scherzer would have been dealing with a 3-0 deficit with no outs. Instead, it was 1-0 with one out at that point.