Spanish Dude Gets WBC Logo Tattoo At The MLB Fan Cave

  • Jake O'Donnell

The World Baseball Classic logo looks like a cross between the new Stop & Shop logo, my google chrome icon, and that game “Simon” from the early 90’s. Two of which I’m willing to assume have never existed in Spain, where this kid’s from. Thanks for your interest in our sport, Josep Juaneda Josa, even though your team lost all of its first round match ups. But hey, what better way to commemorate those triumphant qualifying wins over Russia, Isreal, and the international powerhouse of pancakes, lé French baseball team. Not sure what they’ll be more startled by when he gets back, his tattoo, or his explanation of what the MLB Fan Cave is. “It’s like a baseball themed pub that functions more or less as a prison, but for only two guys, and strangers just walk in and can get tattoos. Oh, and it’s in downtown Manhattan.”

Photo Via NBC Hardball Talk, H/T Big League Stew