We Love And Are Freaked Out By This Old Joe Torre Photo In Equal Measure

  • Glenn Davis

This all started out when we were reading a story by SI‘s Jon Wertheim on the death of Marvin Miller, former head of the MLB players’ association. Miller’s impact on MLB labor relations – it was under his leadership that free agency came into being – is close to immeasurable, and no overview of baseball as it is today is complete without acknowledging his contributions to it. In addition to the story, though, we found our attention drifting toward something else: a photo of Miller and Joe Torre. This is that photo (via AP):

Though he’s in the background, Torre was the one we couldn’t keep our eyes off of. It brings us joy, this photo of ol’ Joe as a much younger, still-playing man, but it also leaves us deeply uneasy. Why? Well, Joe looks like he just knows you did something wrong. Let’s focus on just him:

Go ahead and tell me that doesn’t make you want to confess to an unspecified sin. No? How about now?




Glad we could clear that up.