We Were Wrong About The World Series: It’s Been Great, And Wacky, So Far

  • Eric Goldschein

napoli pickoff

When this World Series started, we were sure that no one, relatively speaking, would be watching. We included ourselves in that estimation, saying that between our (biased) disdain for the teams and general apathy towards a series that would be competing directly with the NFL, we weren’t interested.

Well, as people who love and appreciate quality sporting events, I need to speak for the site in saying we were wrong about this one. The World Series has been great so far, and the people are tuning in.

This weekend in particular brought us some fantastic, never-before seen-endings. Game 3 ended in an obstruction call, a first of its kind ending that went the Cardinals way. But Game 4 had a similarly wacky finale, in which Cardinals rookie Kolten Wong was picked off at first base by Koji Uehara. This was the first pick-off ending ever in a World Series (via GIFD sports):

These incredible finishes have helped create the kind of World Series we haven’t seen in some time, and they’re boosting the ratings as well. From Forbes:

Saturday’s 5-4 victory by the Cardinals over the Red Sox – the record-tying 13th one-run game of the 2013 Postseason – drew 12.5 million viewers on FOX, up 19 percent over Game 3 in 2012 and ranking as the most-watched World Series Game 3 since 2009 based on Nielsen Media Research data. FOX averaged a 7.4 fast national rating for the game, up 21 percent over Game 3 in 2012, and leading to a dominant win in primetime, where FOX topped the second place network by 173 percent and beat the other three broadcast networks combined based on metered market ratings.

Overall, the 2013 World Series is averaging 13.4 million viewers through three games, up 15 percent over last year and the highest average through three games since 2010.

So let’s see: The games are close and exciting; they are ending in ways we’ve never seen games end before; the ratings are up; the series is tied 2-2; the World Series will end at historic Fenway for the first time since 1975.

And we thought you’d rather be watching the Packers destroy the Vikings?

If you haven’t been watching the series to this point, we suggest you start now. If the first four games were any indication, the next two to three should be fantastic. And you’ll still have an unimpeded Sunday of football this week.

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