Welcome To Buctober: The Pirates Are Going To The Playoffs For The First Time Since 1992

  • Rick Chandler

This just in: 1992 was a long time ago. In fact, some who are reading this may not have even been alive then. What was happening in 1992? Tom Brady was a sophomore at Serra High School in San Mateo, CA. End of the Road by Boyz II men was the No. 1 song (as if you didn’t know). And Barry Bonds and Kirk Gibson were teammates with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

That’s also the last time the Pirates made it to the postseason — before today.

Pittsburgh’s 2-1 win over the Cubs (ah, Chicago … yours is a sad tale, and a dream for another year), plus the Nationals’ 4-3 loss to the Cardinals, clinched the playoff spot for the Pirates. It’ll be St. Louis, Atlanta, Cincinnati (which also clinched today) and Los Angeles in the NL postseason. But the Giants are still defending champs! IT’S STILL OURS FOR ANOTHER MONTH, YOU JERKS! (Captures author in butterfly net, hauls him away).

Reaction to the Pirates making it has been, um, pretty tremendous.

Today, we’re all Pirates fans. Which is good, because the tickets are cheaper.