Werth, Gonzalez Get In Each Other’s Faces In Nationals Dugout

  • Rick Chandler

Likely it was an argument over which was better: The Steve Carrell version of “The Office”, or the original British version.

And now I’m being told that more likely Gio Gonzalez and Jayson Werth had a rather heated exchange in the Nationals’ dugout tonight over Gonzalez being slow to cover first on a potential inning-ending double play ball hit by the Giants’ Buster Posey in the first. Pitching coach Steve McCatty and hitting coach Rick Schu teamed to break it up and keep the two apart.

It’s 1-1 in the sixth.

Likely post-game quote by anyone involved: “It was nothing. No big deal.”

Quote I’d like to see, just once: “He messed with the wrong man. I will get my revenge, in this life or the next.”

Actually, shouldn’t it be the job of one of the Racing Presidents to break up potential player fights? Considering their track records in starting wars, I’d stay away from Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson, actually — they’d just make it worse. But Teddy Roosevelt might bring the two together in peace.