When It Comes To Being Cheap On Jerseys, Shaving It Into Your Back Leads The Pack

  • CJ Fogler

So on a night celebrating Buck O’Neil and the Negro Leagues, with the Twins and Royals wearing the throwbacks you see below, this guy decides to show up at the park with Joe Mauer’s name and number shaved into his back.

And just because seeing it in motion is the only thing that could make it worse, here’s the video.

For a nice finishing touch, we were also sent this tweet from @valeriegall83 who is in the stands with him – “thanks for sharing this with the world. We were making fun of this all night. The usher wants KCPD to eject him for indecency”

[UPDATE] Via Dave Brown from the always excellent Big League Stew, this guy was also caught in Milwaukee last year.