Where to Draft 10 Fantasy Baseball Hitters on New MLB Teams?

  • David Gonos


So much has happened since that weird goat stopped haunting Wrigley Field, and Fantasy Baseball owners have had to wait even longer, all the way back to the end of September when their leagues ended.

As we wake up from our Fantasy slumber, stretch our draft-picking fingers, and dust off our Rotisserie brains, we realize that a lot has happened in the baseball world since we last cared about those 108 stitches around the baseball seams.

Between the Arizona Fall League, winter meetings and free agency, several players swapped out their old jerseys with their former teams, with new jerseys in completely new cities!

But what we want to know is – where do these guys rank from a Fantasy perspective heading into Spring Training?

Ranking 10 Fantasy Baseball Hitters on New MLB Teams

The following hitters will be on new teams in 2017, compared to their old 2016 teams, and the average draft spots we refer to are for 12-team leagues with Rotisserie scoring.

Ian Desmond Photo Credit: Matt Brown, Getty Images