White Sox Poncho Giveaway Has Unfortunate Consequences On TV

  • SportsGrid Staff

Give credit to the White Sox for the wonderfully kind gesture of handing out ponchos to fans on a rainy Wednesday night at the ballpark. Unfortunately, the color of the poncho and shape of the poncho hood had some unintended consequences, as pointed out by Paul Lukas of UniWatch:

In video context, it’s actually a bit funnier than it is abhorrent, as the white-draped fans look more like a silent and motionless Zoltan or GR-style cult than the KKK.

Here are a few seconds of the game below, via CSN, The first transition — where the fans along the third base line don’t seem to be wearing ponchos — to the fans behind home plate is especially stellar.

(And follow Paul Lukas of UniWatch here)