Who Needs Yoenis Cespedes When You Have Sam Fuld? (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

I was one of the naysayers when Oakland traded away promising young outfielder Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester at the deadline, sending the team’s best defensive arm and a very solid middle-of-the-order bat away to Boston for a rental on a pitcher. It was a win-now trade for a win-now team, but I’m in love with Cespedes (as a baseball player, not romantically) and so I took issue with the transaction.

This doesn’t exactly correlate directly because Sam Fuld was at centerfield on this particular play, he was recently acquired to help replace Cespedes. On Saturday, he did his best impression of the departed Athletic, gunning down a runner from center for an out at home plate.

Here’s the best baseball highlight of the day:

Not only does Fuld throw him down, but he also throws his entire body behind the ball, so much so that he falls to the ground and rolls over. So Fuld might not be as glamorously acrobatic and athletic as Cespedes, but all that matters is where the ball ends up, and it landed right in the catcher’s mitt with plenty of time to make the tag. Hell of a throw and hell of an impression.

Good for you, Sam Fuld.

(Who is Sam Fuld?)