Why Buy A Joe Mauer Jersey When You Can Just Shave One Into Your Back?

  • Ben Axelrod

In this tough economy, it’s completely understandable that anyone would want to cut as many corners as possible when it comes to saving money. But at least one Minnesota Twins fan took his cost-cutting practices just a little too far.

Instead of purchasing a No. 7 Twins jersey for $99 from MLBshop.com to show his support for Joe Mauer, this Twins fan at a Twins-Brewers game opted to have “Mauer” and the No. 7 shaved into his back hair to support the Twins superstar.

While the manscaping done to achieve this look takes this fan’s commitment to Mauer to a new level, if he’s truly a Mauer fan, he’ll wash that remaining chest hair with the Mauer-endorsed Head and Shoulders.

Or he could just shave it all off. That would be fine too.