Woman Really, Really Wants Jeff Francoeur’s Bat, Commits Televised Mugging

  • Timothy Burke

When a bat goes flying from a player’s hands and into the seats, the first thing most people do is check around them and make sure their party & fellow fans are okay. This wasn’t the case Tuesday night, as a bat released by Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur provided a fan in Kansas City the opportunity to commit some televised strong-arming.

Ripping the bat from the woman who caught it and earning the scorn of her neighbors, the fan returns to her seat with an evil smile. Watch the video:

I guess the woman saw she was surrounded by elderly people and it was a good opportunity to rob someone of a baseball bat, and thereby set a wonderful example for her children that old people are to be taken advantage of. But, then, women have fought hard for accidental mementos of the game before, as we learned on September 19, 2010 when fans fought to keep Brandon Jacobs‘ helmet: