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World’s Worst Dad Makes Son Accept Autographed Chris Christie Baseball

  • Rick Chandler


Aww — look at this adorable little Mets fan. And a little kid is there, too!

It’s been quite a fun summer for Chris Christie. First he got exclusive access to the beach like he was some sort of protected sea turtle laying its eggs, and then he caught a foul ball at a Mets game at Citi Field (on Tuesday).

Of course when Christie snagged the ball and was shown on the big screen, Mets fans booed him lustily (see video below). And Cardinals’ play-by-play man Dan McLaughlin topped off the moment by noting that Christie had “returned from the beach” to make the catch.


Christie then gave the foul ball to a kid (who was not Zach Hample), which is laudable. But somehow a deal was struck to have Christie autograph the ball. No! Terrible dad!

A treasured memento for this kid, at least until he teaches the dog how to bury it.