Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman Broke His Ankle Jumping Out Of A Plane To Escape His Thankless Job For Charity

  • Dylan Murphy

The New York Yankees can’t quite escape the ankle injury bug these days. There was Derek Jeter, of course, breaking his ankle in last year’s playoffs, but now the disabled list has infiltrated the front office. Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who must want to jump out of a plane sometimes, jumped out of plane from 12,500 feet. Granted it was for charity – the Wounded Warrior Project – and he was wearing a parachute.

The first jump, which he landed successfully, didn’t quite end his misery. Though he did call it an “incredible experience,” we suspect it was nothing more than media-massaging. And that’s why he went up for a second jump – to achieve his real purpose – which the New York Daily News’ John Harper will narrate:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Cashman’s inner metaphor, by the way. Remember that time he dressed up as an elf for Christmas and rappelled down the side of a building? It’s tough being Hank and Hal Steinbrenner’s little helper sometimes.

[@NYDNHarper, via Eye On Baseball]