Ian Kennedy: Yasiel Puig Plays With ‘A Lot Of Arrogance,’ Which Is Not What You Want To Hear About A Rookie

  • Eric Goldschein

yasiel puig collision

Is Yasiel Puig the next Cam Newton? We hope not, because the last thing we need is more uber-talented athletes making a shit ton of money and acting cocky about it.

You’ve already seen what happened to Puig last night, when he tried to score from third despite his coach telling him not to. He got thrown out and finger-wagged by Miguel Montero, which was kind of weird because two dudes had just scored ahead of him. But Puig’s brazen attempt to score didn’t go unnoticed by other Diamondbacks, including pitcher Ian Kennedy:

We’re hoping that Kennedy is basing this statement on more than just one play. And if he is, it’s not the most surprising thing to hear: Puig is the talk of the major league town after a blistering debut month. He nearly made the NL All-Star team (it’s still a possibility, but that spot looks like it’ll go to Freddie Freeman), and he didn’t even start the season in the majors. You’d have a big head too.

But as we saw in the case of Newton, professional athletes don’t take too kindly to young guys coming up and acting like they own the place. Yasiel, do everyone a favor and let your bat do your talking, rather than your body language. Cocky ain’t cute.

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