Yasiel Puig Snaps Bat On Check Swing In Typical Yasiel Puig Fashion (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

Yasiel Puig defies the laws on physics, baseball, and life in general. He’s an intriguing young baseball player, a storied Cuban defector, and thoroughly enjoys driving around at obnoxiously high speeds.

Every time that Puig steps up to the plate or takes you field, you wonder if something interesting is going to happen. It seems that most of the time, that’s exactly the case.

Yesterday, Puig managed to pull off a feat that I’m not sure has ever been accomplished in the history of baseball. He snapped a bat on a check swing. Seriously. Watch.

Normal logic says that the bat was already damaged and the check swing pushed it over the edge. Yasiel Puig logic says that torque, brawn, and a little bit of that Puig magic tore the fibers of the wood apart. What will he do next? Destroy a baseball on a bunt? Unearth first base and send it flying into the outfield on a slide? Tune in next week to find out!