Yep, Alex Rodriguez Is On Twitter Now

  • Rick Chandler

If you’re like me, you’re constantly wondering: ‘How can I mock Alex Rodriguez in a forum where he might see it?’ Your troubles are over, because he’s on Twitter now. Verified, the whole works. The stats so far:

Followers: 14,925.

Following: 0.

Tweets: 8.


And that’s probably the most exciting one so far.

Rodriguez has begun rehab workouts (he had hip surgery in January) and was told he can start playing in games on July 1. Rehabbing his image will be tougher, however: can’t see how his new Twitter account will not end up as a breeding ground for heckling and mockery. He’s probably hired someone full time to block people.

But the big question is, who will be the first person to be followed by A-Rod? Our guess: @CentaurCcentaur.