Yep, There’s A Map Showing The Nation’s Favorite MLB Teams By County

  • Rick Chandler

Facebook has released some pretty interesting data — it’s in the form of a map, and they’ve used Facebook likes to determine which MLB team is the favorite of fans in each county of the country. Now counting Facebook likes may not be a totally accurate representation of what’s going on out there in fandom: I happen to know that most Astros fans, for instance, don’t even own computers.* But it’s probably as close to a true picture as we can get.

* = May not be true.

Here’s the map, with the color key.

► Sorry Oakland A’s: seems your fans don’t exist. Hmm — even Walter Mondale won Massachusetts in ’80.

► Looks like the team with the largest continuous land mass of fans are the Texas Rangers, and the Minnesota Twins are close. But when you join all the various Yankees counties, they win. Areas without a team (Utah, etc.) also seem to go for the Yankees. What does that say about us?

► No counties for the Mets, either.

► There is a definite border between Yankees fans and Red Sox fans, and some of it runs right through the middle of Connecticut (see below). Some of those neighborhoods must be war zones.

The Yankees-Red Sox DMV is Lichtfield County (left, Yankees) and Hartford County (right, Red Sox); and New Haven (left, Yankees) and Middlesex (right, Red Sox).