Good Times In Detroit: You Can Watch The Tigers-Nationals Game With Just ‘Natural’ Sound Tonight

  • Eric Goldschein

comerica parkOnce again, Detroit proves itself to be the most enjoyable place to live in America. Not only can you buy a house for $39 bucks (back taxes not included), but tonight you get the chance to watch a baseball game at home without all that pesky announcer-talk.

From FOX Sports:

FOX Sports Detroit is offering fans an additional option for game coverage that includes only natural sounds of the game on select dates during the Detroit Tigers season. The special broadcasts will be available in high-definition on FOX Sports Detroit PLUS and will indulge viewers with a replicated experience of what it’s like to sit in the stands at Comerica Park.

“Natural Sounds at Comerica Park will feature extra microphones around the park so viewers can hear more of the sounds of baseball — the bat cracks, ball popping in the mitt, vendors chiming in from the stands and the crowd’s reaction to every play on the field,” said Greg Hammaren, senior vice president and general manager of FOX Sports Detroit.

This isn’t a new concept, but it’s a welcome one. While some teams try to make the stadium experience more like watching from home, the trend should really be the reverse — particularly in a place like Detroit, where going outside means you have a 67 percent chance of contracting a debilitating drug addiction.


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