We See You, Very Young Toronto Blue Jays Fan Trying To Sneak A Beer At The Game

  • Eric Goldschein

What is the legal drinking age in Toronto again? 19, huh? Well, don’t tell that to this kid, who is the smoothest criminal with an alcoholic beverage we’ve seen in awhile. But did he get away with it?

Since there is no context to this photo, we have no idea how this kid managed to grab what looks like a beer at the stadium. First of all, beer at the ballpark is crazy expensive. Second, he’s like 11 years old. But damn if he isn’t the most Toronto-looking person in the world: Blue Jays cap, flannel fleece-lined shirt, and a beer. If his t-shirt said “Eh?” they would probably be putting him on the next Canadian dollar bill.

But this devious drinker was not as sneaky as he thought. At least one person can say they saw this brazen act in person. See below:

h/t Reddit