Your Worst Fears Are Realized: Brian Wilson, His Beard, And His Mohawk, Are Back

  • Rick Chandler

Brian Wilson made his debut in Dodger Blue on Wednesday, and has pronounced his beard in mid-season form. Also, he was sporting a Mohawk. Serenity Now!

Oh, his pitching? He did fine: he started the game for the Single-A Ranchco Cucamonga Quakes, and threw eight pitches in his scheduled one inning of work against the Lake Elsinore Storm.

Here’s what Wilson said prior to the game, mainly focusing on his jumping from the Giants to their hated rival.

But here’s what you’ve been fearing: The beard, and the Mohawk, are back. Many of you had tired of Wilson’s antics by the end of 2011, and even in 2012 as he hung around the Giants’ clubhouse during their second World Series run. After his second Tommy John surgery you figured he was done. But apparently not.

Feast your weary eyes:

Wilson is now headed to the Dodgers’ Triple-A team, Albuquerque, where he’ll make two or three appearances. If all goes well, he’ll then move on to the big team, where he’ll likely be a setup man.

What’s the over-under on beards at Dodger Stadium during his debut? Will Dodgers fans have the nerve to wear them, after cursing them for so many years? Stay tuned.

Oh, and Don Mattingly said there are no facial hair rules with the Dodgers, such as he had as a player with the Yankees.

“I’m not really concerned about it [Wilson’s beard],” Mattingly said. “I haven’t seen it. The Dodgers in the past have never had any facial hair rules that I know of. We’ve had different guys with long hair since I’ve been here. I’m not really worried about it. I don’t care what guys do, honestly as long as they come here ready to play and respect the game. … I guess if it was something that was a distraction for the whole club we’d deal with it, but I’m not anticipating any problems.”

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