YouTube Turns Elvis Andrus And Adrian Beltre’s Relationship Into An 80s Sitcom Intro

  • Ricky Boebel

Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre have long had a hot and cold relationship in Texas. They just can’t stop rubbing each other’s heads and calling one another off in the infield. Youtube user gerkology (strong username) decided to take the best of their shenanigans and play Harry Nilsson’s “Best Friend” in the background. Enjoy:

These two are begging to have a sitcom made set around two brothers living in the same apartment. Andrus is the messy one and Beltre is a clean freak. Beltre plays by the rules, while Andrus is always making crazy decisions that get the pair into wacky situations. But at the end of every episode they always quash their differences because they’re family. Possible names for the hypothetical sitcom:

– Who’s On Third?

– How I Met Your Baby Mama

– According to Andrus

– The Big Beltre Theory

– The Infielders

– 8 Simple Rules That All Involve Not Touching My Head

[Extra Mustard]