If There Were A Place To Land, Zack Greinke Would Take Helicopters To Dodger Stadium

  • Dylan Murphy

Zack Greinke’s social anxiety disorder is well chronicled; not only because it fits snugly into the (now dangerous) athlete-overcomes-difficulty narrative, but also due to its uniqueness. This offseason, Greinke signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for six years and $147 million. But more importantly he stuck himself directly in the limelight, a franchise rebranding its commitment to baseball in one of the country’s biggest cities.

Zack Greinke also hates traffic and wants to take helicopters to home games at Dodger Stadium. This has nothing to do with his social anxiety disorder, and is more just a case of rich-person-does-rich-thing. Unfortunately, however, his airborne wishes will not be fulfilled.

Via the Orange County Register:

“He hates traffic as much as anyone transplanted to Southern California. In fact, after signing with the Dodgers as a free agent this winter, he wanted to live on a beach. But the thought of fighting the traffic to Dodger Stadium on a regular basis was so unappealing he looked into another option – taking a helicopter to the park.

‘I did. I looked into it but I don’t think you can land at the stadium,’ Greinke said. ‘It’s not as easy as it sounds.'”

It’s worth mentioning that Zack Greinke isn’t the first Los Angeles athlete to try and ‘copter around the city; Kobe Bryant, in all his recent assist-benevolence, flew Steve Blake to the doctor, once.

We’d also like to offer our assistance to Greinke in his plight: here’s the FAA’s list of registered heliports in Los Angeles, so maybe you can get dropped off nearby?

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